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Beartooth Heat Pump Rebate Online Form



    BEC Member: Installation must be on an active BEC residential or small business account. Installation location must be served by BEC.

    HVAC Contractor: HVAC Contractor must be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured in the state (Montana or Wyoming) of the equipment installation and must be a Certified Manufacturer Installer for the equipment.


    Required Documents: 1. Contractor’s invoice including: Installation date and address, equipment manufacturer, indoor and outdoor model numbers and AHRI certificates, SEER, HSPF, system size in tons, total installation cost, and proof of payment. 2. Completed and signed rebate form. To receive your rebate faster, submit the online rebate form at By mail, send the completed rebate form and required documentation to Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc., The Beartooth Heat Pump Rebate Program, PO Box 1110, Red Lodge, MT 59068. Note: BEC reserves the right to inspect all installations. Rebate processing time is typically 2-4 weeks.

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  • Rebate amount = rebate x tons

    Equipment Requirements: Mini-split units must be qualified, listed with and certified by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), and meet the program SEER and HSPF requirements.

    SEER/HSPF ratings for condenser, and coil (if applicable) must be provided. Both the Consortium for Energy Efficiency ( and the AHRI directory ( or call 703-600-0384) websites list SEER and HSPF values. AHRI also provides AHRI numbers. One ton is 12,000 BTU/h. Rounding up of SEER/HSPF ratings is not acceptable.

    General Requirements:

    Application Form: This application must be filled out completely, truthfully, and accurately. The BEC member must date and submit the completed application along with all required documentation for the rebates. By submitting the rebate application, the Member agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

    Time Limit: Qualifying units for equipment rebate must be purchased and installed after May 7, 2022. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

    Geographic Requirements: Offers valid only for Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc., residential and small commercial rate Members in MT and WY.

    Contractor Certification: Contractor certifies that installation and services performed have been in accordance with all applicable municipal, state and federal codes, standards and regulations, as well as program requirements pertaining to the installed system.

    Approval and Verification: Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc. reserves the right to conduct field inspections to verify installations.

    Tax Liability: Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc. will not be responsible for any tax liability that may be imposed on the customer or contractor as a result of the payment of rebates.

    Endorsement: Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc. does not endorse any particular manufacturer, product, system design, or technology in promoting these offers.

    Limitation of Liability: Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc.’s liability is limited to crediting the amount of the rebate specified. Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc. is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages or for any damages in tort connected with or resulting from participation in these offers.

    Warranties: BEARTOOTH ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. DOES NOT WARRANT THE PERFORMANCE OF INSTALLED OR SERVICED EQUIPMENT, EXPRESSLY OR IMPLICITLY. Beartooth Electric Cooperative, Inc. makes no warranties or representations of any kind, whether statutory, expressed, or implied, including, without limitations, warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding the equipment or services provided by a manufacturer or vendor. Contact your contractor for details regarding equipment performance and warranties.

    Electric Benefits: Member is entitled to 100% of the benefits and rights associated with the energy-efficient measures, including without limitation for any products associated under any federal program, and to the energy cost savings realized by the installed equipment.

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      Required documents include Contractor’s invoice including: Installation date and address, equipment manufacturer, indoor and outdoor model numbers and AHRI certificates, SEER, HSPF, system size in tons, total installation cost, and proof of payment and AHRI certificates for both indoor and outdoor units.