Rates & Service Fees

BEC strives to provide the best possible electrical service at the lowest possible price. Our rates are based on wholesale electric costs, transmission costs, plus operation costs.

(Rate decrease effective July 1, 2017)

Revenue Group kWh Energy Charge Monthly Base Charge kW Demand


Residential         $0.088768              $33.50
Residential-Net Meter         $0.088768              $33.50
Irrigation         $0.050711            $121.80     $12.40
Small Commercial         $0.083438              $33.50
Large Commercial         $0.048254            $111.65     $12.40
Industrial         $0.055744            $218.25     $12.40
Security Light Flat Monthly Rate                $8.20

Rates for electricity have not increased since September of 2011. If your monthly bills have increased, look at your usage and any changes in your energy consumption. If you have questions, contact bec@beartoothelectric.com or call (406) 446-2310. We would be happy to help you.