Rates & Service Fees

BEC strives to provide the best possible electrical service at the lowest possible price. Our rates are based on wholesale electric costs, transmission costs, plus operation costs.

(April 1, 2021)

Revenue Group Monthly Base Charge kWh Energy Charge kWh NWE Transmission Charge

kW System Charge

Residential $30.00 $0.072618 $0.009136 $2.00
Small Commercial $30.00 $0.069835 $0.009136 $2.00
Large Commercial $150.00 $0.039881 $0.009136 $11.83
Industrial $1,000.00 $0.039881 $0.009136 $13.30
Irrigation Up to 25 kW $56.00

Up to 50 kW

Over 50 kW

$0.039881 $0.009136 $13.14

5% Minimum System
Charge on all 0 kW monthly reads

Security Light Flat Monthly Rate $8.20

If you have questions, contact bec@beartoothelectric.com or call (406) 446-2310. We will be happy to help you.

Bill Comparison Calculator

The new rate design for all member rate classes will become effective in April 2021. The new rates, designed to be revenue-neutral to BEC, will result in some members paying a little less, and some paying a little more, depending on both member usage and the load placed on BEC’s System (kW) during peak periods. Our rate comparison calculator will let you see exactly how this new rate structure will impact your bill.

If you need help with the calculator or understanding how to reduce your system usage (kW) give us a call at 406-446-2310.

Current Bill New Bill
(April 2021)
Base Charge 0 0 0
Energy Charge (kWh) 0 0 0
NWE Transmission Charge (kWh) 0 0 0
System Charge (kW) 0 0 0
Total 0 0 0