Donations & Contributions

Girls outside drinking hot apple ciderDonation requests must be submitted on the BEC Donation Request Form for consideration. Donations must directly or indirectly benefit all or a portion of the BEC membership. All donations should improve the community’s perception that BEC is a good community member. Donations will not be made to for-profit entities.

Donations made to:

Individuals — Donations to individuals should be connected with events or projects that improve the community as a whole and not for the sole benefit of the individual. Examples are 4-H projects, scholarships, etc.

Community Groups — Donations to community groups should be for events or projects that improve the community as a whole and not for the sole benefit of the group. Examples are the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, Boys & Girls Club, etc.

Kids outside with SantaNonprofit Business or Corporations — Donations to nonprofit businesses or corporations must provide direct support to community members. Examples would be Interfaith Volunteers, Food Pantry, etc.

Industry Organizations — Donations to causes of a statewide or industry-wide nature must be to support the public perception of Cooperatives or the utility industry in general. Examples include catastrophe relief, NRUCFC Integrity Fund, NRECA International Program, etc.

Labor donations may be made for community improvement purposes within the BEC service area. Examples include installing Christmas lighting, community banners, tree trimming, etc.

Donations or contributions made for purposes that include publication or promotion of BEC may be considered advertising rather than donations and may be subject to this policy unless the advertising is of a business nature, such as safety, help wanted, outages, etc. Examples include community and school activity advertising, sports team billboards, handouts, and circulars.

Donations over $150 will be presented by the donation recipient, by a Board Trustee, or the General Manager acting on behalf of the recipient to the full Board of Trustees for approval.

A list of donations shall be reported to the Board of Trustees on a monthly basis.

To apply, please download and complete the pdf application or complete the online form below. Thank you!

Donations and Contributions Application PDF

Online Donation Request Form

  • To continually improve the quality of life in our communities and for our members, and to track the funds dispersed, standards have been established for the donating or granting of funds or gifts. Please fill in all the information and attach any supporting information. In order to give your request the attention it deserves, form must be submitted 14 days before donation deadline.
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