Committee Reports

To remain fully engaged with strategic initiatives and other aspects of cooperative governance, the BEC Board of Trustees has established a series of operating and strategic committees whose members dedicate their time and expertise to specific focuses. All BEC member-owners are encouraged to join board committees of interest. To join a committee-give us a call (406) 446-2310 or contact the committee chair. All committee meetings are open and member-owner attendance is welcomed. Committee meetings are listed under the Events & Meeting section of the home page.

Committee Chairs present a report at each board meeting. Frequently reports are verbal. Written committee reports are available at the following links. If you would like to review a particular report not listed here, please refer to the board meeting minutes under My BEC, Board Meetings & Agendas.

Bylaw Committee

Chair, Arleen Boyd | Members: Sharlene McComas, Charles Sangemeister, Michael Specht, Burt Williams, Julie Lundgren (ex-officio)



Communication Committee

Chair, Richard Nolan | Members: Linda Halstead-Acharya, Bruce Austin, Bill Hand, Janet Luloff, Arleen Boyd, Julie Lindgren (ex-officio)


Finance Committee

Co-Chair Julie Lindgren, Co-Chair Arleen Boyd | Members: Frank Willett


Policy Committee

Chair, Roxie Melton | Members: Janet Luloff, Arleen Boyd, Julie Lindgren (ex-officio)


Risk Management Committee

Co-Chair Arleen Boyd, Co-Chair Bill Pascoe | Members: Walter Clapp, Jim Rodgers, David Peterson, Frank Willett, Julie Lindgren (ex-officio)