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New Service

An applicant or representative for the applicant requesting service must sign up for service at the office in Red Lodge. A new service construction engineering meeting will be scheduled after the applicant has signed and returned a membership and credit application to the office and has paid the $250 Application for Construction.


Information Required From the Applicant

The applicant must bring the legal description of the property and/or be able to locate the property on a map so the location can be communicated to the engineer. The type of service, i.e. residential, commercial, irrigation, seasonal, etc., and size of load must be known in order for BEC to supply adequate facilities. Any covenants requiring underground service must be communicated at this time.


Applicant Requirements

The applicant must provide:

  • The State Electrical Permit.
  • The Consumers Aid in Construction, CIAC.
  • Address of permanent location where service will be supplied.
  • The installation of all facilities from the meter to the dwelling.
  • Required easements.
  • Membership Application form.



BEC has established policies regarding services that will and will not be provided. We will identify options such as location of service, route the line will take, and whether the line will be extended into the property via overhead or underground construction.


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